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In the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, our students take their drive to be successful and channel that energy into the many opportunities available to them. Best of all? They do it all while being supported by top-tier faculty who care.

Featured Fall 2017 Courses

Triage Clinic

SOCA 499
Sociology of Health and Medicine

GEF 7: Global Studies and Diversity

While some students return home for spring break or took much-needed vacations, others travel the world to study abroad. Through the Global Medical and Dental Brigades, 49 students volunteered in rural Nicaragua for nine days in 2017, providing more than 6,700 hours of service and $110,000 in medical and dental supplies. Plans for spring break 2018 are ongoing.


WGST 170
Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

GEF 7: Global Studies and Diversity

Explore the contexts in which gender identities are defined and the roles of women and men in society and culture. Students present their research, activism and action projects through posters, documentaries and performances at the semi-annual Women’s and Gender Studies Research Fair.

Planetarium Feature  

ASTR 106 and 107
Descriptive Astronomy

GEF 2: Science and Technology

Can’t stop thinking about the Great American Eclipse? This introduction to astronomy features data collection and analysis, computer simulation and star photography. Explore our solar system, the Milky Way and objects located much farther away in our universe in the brand-new lab.