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Latin American Studies

Acquire an interdisciplinary, trans-geographic and transcultural perspective of Latin America, including Spanish America, Portuguese America, the Caribbean and Latinos in the United States. 

Explore the political, historical and cultural structures that define the region of Latin America.

Learn about the challenges that globalization presents to the region from economic, political and cultural perspectives.

Discover the historical and cultural contexts that led to the formation of contemporary Latin America as a region.

Identify and differentiate the characteristics of the languages and cultures of the region.

Analyze the similarities and differences between the cultures of the nations and sub-regions in Latin America and the historical origins that led to these similarities and differences.

Become a well-trained, motivated and enthusiastic specialist in this region, sought after by the government and the private sector alike.

How will I focus my studies?

In today’s increasingly global setting, business, diplomacy and scholarship all benefit from a thorough knowledge of at least one foreign language and a familiarity with the culture, history and economics of the region speaking that language. The major enhances students’ ability to compete in a challenging global market by concentrating specifically on one region and by recognizing that focus on both transcript and diploma.

A minor in Latin American studies is available to all students who wish to focus their studies on this topic.

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