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Fastlane and NIH Accounts

NSF FastLane Account

FastLane is a website developed by the National Science Foundation to facilitate the exchange of information and transactions between NSF and the research community.

To obtain access to FastLane, contact the  Office of Sponsored Programs pre-award staff and provide the following information:

  • Name (first, last and middle initial)
  • Department
  • Degree type and year (specify what area the degree is in and list the campus address, email, business phone and fax number)
If you are relocating from another institution and already have a FastLane ID, provide OSP with that ID along with the above information. After OSP registers your ID with WVU, you can update your profile to reflect your affiliation.

NIH eRA Commons Account

The eRA Commons is an online interface created by the National Institutes of Health where researchers can access and share information relating to research grants.

To obtain access to eRA Commons, send an email request to  Janet Boyles and provide the following information:

  • Name (first, last and middle initial)
  • Email address
Your login information will be provided by OSP, and your password will be provided by NIH.