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Eberly College Racial Justice Grants

Request for Proposals

Deadline: Friday, July 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM

Submit your proposal.

The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce a new initiative to fund research projects related to racial justice and to the historical, economic, educational, social, scientific, structural and transnational implications of race, racism and antiblackness. The college seeks innovative research projects in math, natural and physical sciences, the humanities and the social sciences that measure, document and deconstruct practices, ideologies and oppressive paradigms associated with racism and racial violence. We are most interested in projects that in some way take up the question "what does it mean to (not) matter."

Grant recipients are required to participate in an online discussion in the fall. During the discussion, recipients will have an opportunity to explain their projects to the campus community. Grant recipients will also be invited to participate in a colloquium featuring all grantees in the spring. During this colloquium, grant recipients will provide an update on the status of their projects.

At the end of the funding year, grantees will be expected to provide a summary of their findings, and as appropriate: 1) discuss future projects related to the initial grant; 2) explain how the grant is being used to leverage external research funds; 3) discuss future projects and collaborations on the issue of racism and racial justice.

All grants will be one year in duration, with a final report required at completion. Grants of up to $15,000 may be used for self-contained projects (e.g. collecting survey data, creating an exhibit, research leading to the publication of an article) or to leverage funding for a larger project (e.g. working toward a book, collecting pilot data for a larger project).

Grants may be used by individuals or by collaborative teams. All collaborative teams must include a faculty or staff member from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.

Faculty who are interested in also pursuing external funding for their projects should contact Duncan Lorimer or Lea Herron in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Research Office.

Thank you to WVU's Office of the Vice President for Research and the Center for Resilient Communities for cosponsoring this opportunity.