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2018 Carl M. Frasure Memorial Lecture

Brexit and the European Union

On June 23, 2016 in a historic national referendum, a divided British electorate narrowly chose to leave the European Union. Alexis Vahlas, an expert on international relations and international law from the University of Strasbourg, will explore the potential impacts of Britain’s planned departure from the EU. Specifically, he will discuss the current negotiations between London and Brussels over the terms of the split, including hot-button issues of immigration and trade. He will also consider the potential opportunities and threats a completed Brexit bring to the United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world. Vahlas is currently serving as a political adviser to the EU civilian missions in Palestine. The event is hosted by the Department of Political Science and is free and open to the public.

About Dr. Vahlas 

Alexis Vahlas
Alexis Vahlas is a professor at the University of Strasbourg and an expert in legal and political matters of international affairs, specifically multilateralism, dismemberment of states, crisis management and terrorism. He is widely published on these issues and the ways international organizations like NATO, the European Union and United Nations address them. In addition to his academic work, Vahlas has held several roles with NATO, including political adviser for the NATO Stabilisation Force in Bosnia-and-Herzegovina, a NATO observer to the Western European Union Parliamentary Assembly, chief political adviser to the commander of NATO Headquarters (JFC) in Naples and chief political adviser for the NATO certification process of the Rapid Reaction Corps-Lille. Vahlas also served as France’s political adviser for the validation cycle of the British-French Combined Joint Expeditionary Force and as a permanent senior political adviser to the French Command for Joint Operations. Based in Jerusalem, he is currently the political adviser of the EU civilian mission in Palestine.