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Faculty Development, Publication Subvention and Research Travel Programs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the response to cancel all University related travel, we have to make several changes to the ECAS Faculty Development, Research Travel and Book Subvention Programs. The programs will remain active with a few caveats:

  1. The final deadline to apply remains April 15.
  2. Do not apply for any travel from March 19 – June 30, 2020. We cannot support travel for the reminder of this fiscal year due to the pandemic.
  3. If you have traveled from before March 19, 2020, you may apply for funding for a supported activity.
  4. You may apply to the Faculty Development program for supplies and materials to enhance your professional development. However, we are limited to the types of items we can order until we return to campus such as chemicals and refrigerated items.
  5. The Book Subvention Program remains unaffected.

Please contact Stephen Ballant for questions and concerns.

Faculty Development and Publication Subvention

The Eberly College Faculty Development Program provides funding to help support activities that promote the applicant’s professional growth as a scholar, teacher or provider of service. Appropriate activities include, but are not limited to, attending workshops and seminars, organizing lectures for the benefit of WVU faculty and travel to conduct research.

The Eberly College Publication Subvention Program supports book preparation and other costs of publication including open access fees, as long as these activities can be shown to promote the applicant’s professional growth as a scholar, teacher or service provider.

Eligible faculty members include those in these categories: Tenure-Track (including tenured faculty members), Teaching, Clinical and Research. Faculty equivalent academic professionals (FEAPs) are eligible for the development program.

Research Travel Program

The Eberly College Research Travel Grant Program provides funding to help support research that requires access to archives, collections, environments, instruments or facilities that are not available on or near campus. The program is designed to support travel for purposes of data collection.

Full-time (1.0 FTE) permanent faculty members are eligible if their positions include research as an area of significant contribution. Normally, faculty members who must make significant contributions in research are on the tenure track (including tenured faculty members) or have a title with the prefix “Research.” Faculty members in other categories are eligible only if significant contributions in research are required for promotion.

Application Information

Visiting faculty members and Postdocs are not eligible for any of these programs. Chairs and directors are encouraged to use unit funds to support these colleagues.

You should submit your application to your department chair who, in turn, will decide on a departmental contribution towards your activities and forward the application to our office.

An individual may receive one award per program per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) for activities completed before the end of the fiscal year.

Please contact Stephen Ballant or Mike Perone with any questions.

2019-20 ECAS Development and Subvention Application

2019-20 ECAS Research Travel Grant Application