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Two-Week Checklist

Prior to submitting your grant application, review this list to ensure that you have completed all necessary components of your application:

 Have I sent my draft out for review?
 Have I completed my budget?
 Are recommendation letters and/or letters of support completed?
 Is my IRB application submitted?
 Are other compliance issues (e.g. animals, biohazards) accounted for?
 Do I need export control?
 Are all attachments obtained and completed? Attachments may include any or all of the following:
  •  Biography (properly formatted) 
  • Budget justification
  •  Data Management Plan
  •  Letters of support
  •  Facilities description
  •  Equipment description
  •  Current and pending grants (including this submission)
  •  Bibliography/works Cited
Have I completed coordination with subcontractors?
Is my abstract written?
 Is my KC Blue Sheet submitted?

You can also download a Microsoft Word version of this checklist.