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4 Aug

Michelle Withers, associate professor of biology at West Virginia University, will join leaders from academia, public policy and the private sector at the Second Annual Executive STEM Summit, “Science of Learning” in on Aug. 5.

Withers, is also the director of the National Academies Scientific Training Alliance. The event is hosted by the Scientific American and Macmillan Education.

The summit will feature speakers such as Russell Shilling, executive director for STEM initiatives at U.S. Department of Education; Oy Reidenberg, host and contributor for PBS; and nobel laureate Carl Wieman.

The formal, interactive program begins promptly, will include a luncheon keynote, featured panel discussions and networking and breakout sessions, and will conclude by 2 p.m.

For more information, contact Michelle Withers at 304-293-3542 or

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