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3 Jul

The academic school year ends, but students in the Eberly College never stop learning.

Each summer, many students choose to brighten their futures and expand their education by completing summer internships.

These are their stories.

Story by Mike Atkinson

Cody Mullens, Senior
Hometown: Weirton, West Virginia
Major: Biology
How he’s spending his summer: The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine SUCCESS internship program.

What led you to WVU?

Coming to WVU was an easy decision for me. In a lot of ways it sort of came naturally; it was an assumption that I’d be a mountaineer. In some ways this made me uneasy about coming to WVU, but in time, it’s proven to be one of the smartest decisions in my life.

And how did you know WVU was right for you? once you were here?

My very first semester, my eyes were opened wide in terms of all that WVU has to offer, and after getting involved in all sorts of different things on campus, I was certain that I had made the right decision to become a Mountaineer.

Can you share a few experiences you’ve had while you were at WVU? Maybe something you’ll never forget that happened at WVU?

One of my favorite experiences at WVU was this past year’s student government election. I ran for the board of governors and was fortunate enough to win, but more importantly, I made some lifelong friends while being able to be engaged and very much in sync with the pulse of the student body. That was really cool.

Another of my favorite experiences at WVU has been my work and research with Dr. George Spirou on the Health Sciences campus. I’ve worked with him since my freshman year, and our research in our connectomics lab is just one example of a lot of the exciting research being done across all three campuses.

What was the most rewarding experience you’ve had at WVU?

I think the most rewarding experience at WVU has been working with the Medlife student organization. I have now been on two different mobile clinic trips with fellow WVU students where we have traveled to Peru to provide free aid in the form of healthcare and community service projects.

How did you hear about your internship?

I heard about the internship from my faculty advisor, and I’m not quite sure how I landed it. It was a pretty rigorous application process, and while applying, I was uncertain as to whether or not it was even worth the time I was putting into it, which it clearly was.

What are your career goals? What do you want to do after you graduate?

Following graduation, I plan to enroll in a dual degree M.D./Ph.D. program and eventually practice medicine while also conducting research within the realm of clinically applicable neuroscience.

How will this internship help you achieve those goals?

This internship is in all ways perfect for my career aspirations. The program is designed for students who are pre-M.D./Ph.D. During the program, we will be conducting primary scientific research, attending journal clubs, engaging in scientific talks, and getting clinical lab experience. In addition, the researcher I will be working with at Ohio State University is an M.D./Ph.D. so working with him and getting a grasp of the daily life of a physician scientist will be immensely valuable.

Do you have a favorite professor at WVU?

It’s a tie between Dr. Andrew Dacks and Dr. Dana Huebert Lima. I had Dr. Dacks for a systems neuroscience course this past semester, and I’ve never had a professor who lectured in such a captivating way. I can’t wait to have him for basic neurobiology in the fall!

Dr. Huebert Lima is somebody who has been involved in all aspects of my college career. I’ve had her in class, I’ve TA’d for her, she’s my faculty advisor for my student organization, Medlife, and she is my academic advisor. There’s no faculty member at WVU who has worked closer with me to help me obtain my goals at WVU as well as my career goals for the future.

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